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About Us

Cesare Gaspari — all trends of shoe fashion in one collection!

The new collection of Cesare Gaspari is the embodiment of fashion ideas right from the world podiums. Classics and comfort, extravagance and simplicity, pronounced personality and restrained style – all this you will find in Cesare Gaspari.

What is the secret of Cesare Gaspari brand’s success?

Beautiful and comfortable shoes are often appreciated by women of fashion more than stylish clothes. And shoes made in Italy are fairly considered the best and are in great demand among buyers, because it is here where trends in shoe fashion are born.

The art of creating Italian shoes, the formation of a special Italian elevated style is more than one millennium, and, as a rule, behind every shoe brand there is an unusual story.

Fortunately, in the modern world there is no need to go to Italy to buy shoes. Today you can buy Italian brand shoes of quality at Gesare Gaspari, which has more than 20-year history of manual production traditions.

Cesare Gaspari team does not just produce shoes, but they put a piece of their soul in each pair. The philosophy of Cesare Gaspari is a mix of style and quality, tradition and innovation, elegance and modernity. Cesare Gaspari is a combination of the best innovative technologies and unique design.

In Cesare Gaspari we have full controll of all stages – from materials selection and production to arranging the shoes on the shelves of the store. Cesare Gaspari footwear is made of high-quality, wear-proof materials and is distinguished by an impeccable shoe and beautiful fittings. All models are produced by hand by Italian shoe makers, which is a guarantee of unconditional quality, and a stylish, sometimes extravagant design makes Cesare Gaspari footwear unique and invariably popular among buyers.


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